I have come to imagine a cartoon where God looks down on planet Earth in the aftermath of nuclear Armageddon, and whisper’s under his breath, “Silly buggers, it wasn’t nuclear arms that killed them, they overdosed on moral passivity”.

Note to readers: This blog is inspired by an essay by…

“Racism is a multifaceted stone with a complex matrix. Throwing the stone at others we can destroy ourselves. It must not be seen in isolation or narrow terms. It must be seen as the driving force of the victim cult, the blame game, scapegoating and warfare.”

If aggression against another…

It’s time these two political couch potatoes prove their worth with some actual accomplishments.

Cutting off their noses to spite their faces.


Aaron Wherry just scored a grand slam home run when he titled his recent column:

Bargain or blackmail? Why the Liberals might be wise to do a deal with the NDP

After his home run…

The issue is not whether these two political anomalies will run again. Most importantly, they exemplify just how dysfunctional and threatened our democracies have become.

Tofino Trudeau and Bullmoose Trump, dysfunctional politicians, hand in hand

The debt that we owe the Liberals is that they have been so willing to be led. The party has been made up of those who put only one condition on their willingness: that they should have personal charge of government as our sovereignty disappears.-George …

Keeping the dream alive

In our last election there was no shortage of crass politicians, numerically compulsive pollsters, and the usual torrents of empty bafflegab. …

A colony where pomp and pretense reign supreme.

By the dozen or flat

James M. Minifie was a distinguished Canadian journalist who was the CBC’s Washington correspondent for fifteen years. What better posting could there be to become an expert on the Canada/USA relationship? …

Nobody speaks for peace. We just live in anxious anticipation of the next war, the next crisis, all flags flying.

When war is peace , and peace is war.

You Can lose your money

You can lose your health

But you cannot lose your character”

-from the Movie “Lansky” played by Harvey Keitel

The Liberal party is in great…

…some thoughts on the accelerated retirement of a prime minister

Flying off into the sunset


In the preservation of independence there is no alternative to vigilance. Independence is indivisible. You cannot have it intact here and in tatters there.” -James M. Minifie, Canadian Journalist(1900–1974)

There can be no doubt being prime minister of a…

Pigeons are among my best friends when mendacious politicians are around

Excuse me while I obsess over Canada’s recent election. It leaves a bitter taste in one’s craw. If you have ever visited a chicken farm the smell of chicken manure can be quite pungent; especially if it has been spread around too liberally (Yes pun intended).

Fortunately pigeon’s do their…

The dead weight killing societies and empires. It is called “Slabination”

Slabination” and stagnation have too much in common.

About twenty or so years ago I was doctor shopping. I heard this doctor was taking patients so I made an appointment for 9am. It did not go well. It was the appointment from Hell. He had been up…

Robert Billyard

Robert Billyard is an artist, writer and blogger living in Mission BC, Canada. I hope my blogging makes a contribution toward a better world and future.

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