A strong and just foreign policy is the heart throb of every worthy nation.

Justin Trudeau//Artstation.com

It is truly wonderful to hear the three hostages have returned home; Meng Wanzhou to China and the 2 Michaels to Canada, It was a long time coming with no thanks to the folks in Ottawa.

The good news arrived on a Fridayafternoon after the election to insure minimal media coverage.Meng Wanzhou showed dignity and grace at her press conference as she made her hasty departure from Vancouver airport.

Right from the outset this has been a fiasco in the making. What was intended…

Redemption is always available for those willing to pursue it.

Redemption is always available for those willing to pursue it.

With our recent national disaster that tried to pass as an election, there is endless hand-wringing, anguish, rage, and the question so often asked: Where do we go from here?

The pundits are holding their vacuous post postmortems consistently missing the mark.

The cynicism towards politics and politicians only deepens.

The nation becomes more dysfunction.

Before Justin Trudeau packs his bags there are pressing issues that will earn him redemption, the eternal gratitude of his country men and women and no less the world at large.

During this bankrupt…

“While Justin Trudeau was wasting everyone’s time with an unneeded election. There have been major shifts in world affairs and Canada is caught with it pants on fire-as usual.”

The Modern Politician

What manner of soul is his to whom high truth
Is but the plaything of a feverish hour,
A dangling ladder to the ghost of power!
Gone are the grandeurs of the world’s iron youth,
When kings were mighty, being made by swords.
Now comes the transit age, the age of brass,
When clowns into the vacant empires pass,
Blinding the multitude with specious words. …

Canada has had its wings clipped during a pointless election.

With Quebec gone meet ROC- Rest of Canada, or you might say, Canada put to rest/ Photo-Montreal Gazette

Election or no election the world marches on. Serving the prime minister’s insatiable desire for more power becomes bizarre a national priority. In a few weeks time Canada’s place in the world has changed both internally and externally.

The term the Rest of Canada dates back to the 1980s and 1990s when the Quebec separatist movement was thriving. Prime Brian Mulroney was so accommodating as to introduce a constitutional bill that would nicely accommodate Quebec’s separatist aspirations. Introduced as the Meech Lake Accord, it later became the Charlottetown Accord.


Could you kindly rephrase that in equivocal, inaccurate, vague, self-serving and roundabout terms that we can all understand?”

It was about sixty years ago that Canadian philosopher Marshall McCluhan coined the phrase “global village.” It quickly became a fashionable phrase of the time as it summed very nicely what the world was becoming. With huge and rapid advances in technology communications and transportation the world was indeed becoming a global village. The internet made the invention of the…

…“The pandemic of colonization has persisted for too long, killed countless millions, stealing the wealth of nations, and destroying our ability to function as societies.”

…“Giving Justin Trudeau a majority government is four more years of colonization and integration into the USA.”

Canadians refuse to talk about it. Our political, intellectual and media elites are mute on the subject. It is out of control as an underlying condition that can kill our culture. It infantilizes us, it forecloses the future and imposes political and cultural paralysis. It undermines the remnants our of democracy.

It is non other than dreaded colonization…

Canadians are unconcerned about our foreign policy but it is an essential component of our nationhood. By it not being a focus of our attention we pay an onerous price in too many ways. The ongoing incarceration of the three hostages is an outrage that shames our nation yet it is left to linger with no resolution in sight.

National Post.com

Sometimes the truth is so prickly nobody wants to go near it. The dance goes on, the music becomes catatonic and the mischief shameless.

It is a very congenial world where everybody agrees that nobody should be used as bargaining chips…

Where are the agents of change?

What if I suggested to you the whole problem with the world today is the problems we inflict on our ourselves persist because they are dynamic and our ability to deal with them is static. In other words the problems are left to grow, persist, become more complex and intractable.

We are, as many observers are suggesting, at a point where the affairs of humankind are so gigantic we have lost our ability to resolve them. …

This Liberal government would have us believe it needs an absolute majority. Absolute nonsense!

Like a murder of crows taking to the skies this Liberal government shuns democracy in favor of autocracy.

-Mikhail Tomsky, Russian Labor Leader

-Rathgeber, Brent.: , Conservative MP 2008–2013

With this election the…

The problem with center lines on highways is that there isn’t much room to maneuver. The same goes for the political center, it can get very crowded very quickly if more than one party wants to occupy it.

You might also say it is like two parties booking the same hotel room and then voters decide who fills the vacancy.

If two political parties are trying to hog the political center it is because that is where the voters are hanging out and ready (and not so willing) to cast their ballots. If all the voters are hugging the center…

Robert Billyard

Robert Billyard is an artist, writer and blogger living in Mission BC, Canada. I hope my blogging makes a contribution toward a better world and future.

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