Voters on both sides of the Canada /US borders are sending their politicos messages but the empty suits are deaf to democracy

There is panic on both sides of the Canada/USA border.

The word is out that Donald trump is gearing up for the 2024 presidental election and he plans…

Canada is an insecure colonized country so apologetically afraid to be ourselves and too easily intimidated by our southern neighbor- the perfect recipe for extinction.

Canada has been dancing around the prickly pear, for too long and too frequently. Our country exists in a state apologetic lament and cultural paralysis…

“We have another climate crisis today. A climate of mistrust is enveloping our globe. Climate action can help rebuild trust and restore credibility.”

“Protecting countries from climate disaster is not charity. It is solidarity and enlightened self-interest.”

-Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United nations

In the war on global warming…

“It is noteworthy that in the mass of media coverage of the Glasgow summit, there has been almost no mention of the fact that 100 global corporations are responsible for 71 percent of world emissions.”

If we want to find out what is really going on in this world the…

Is he flipping the bird at us for not giving him his majority?

PM Trudeau’s post election behavior is drawing a lot of media attention to say nothing of the mocking cynicism in comment sections and everywhere else. He rules by whim of the moment. There are strong indications he…

Robert Billyard

Robert Billyard is an artist, writer and blogger living in Mission BC, Canada. I hope my blogging makes a contribution toward a better world and future.

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