Erin O’Toole’s Dilemma; Just hangin’ in the wind

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Conservative Opposition leader Erin O’toole has declared war on China and his hair is on fire.

So nothing will fundamentally change after January 2021 — as officially promised by Biden-Harris: it’s gonna be Hybrid War on China all over again, deployed all over the spectrum, as Beijing has perfectly understood.” -Pepe Escobar, Asia Times

Erin O’Toole has a very big dilemma on his hands. He is trying to run a war as a leader when he in fact is a follower. He has cribbed his lines from others. He makes the claim that China is on the attack when it is on the defense. It is a country under siege and has been for some time.

The dilemma for Canada, Erin O’Toole and other NATO vassal states is to appear tough on China when they are no more than Washington’s pawns. As the two elephants fight it out lesser nations have to practice an odious and pretentious game- trying to appear independent while assuming blind obedience to their master.

The kidnapping of Meng Wanzhou has nothing to do with extradition or the rule of law. It has everything to do with hybrid war and obedience to our imperial master.

The question remaining is how willing are NATO countries willing to prostitute themselves to America’s imperialist wars which will ultimately marginalize them even more?

The US has declared war on China and at this point it is a hybrid war fought by various means ranging from propaganda to trade sanctions to gunboat diplomacy to plain old dirty tricks, with open warfare the final option.

China has been so bold as to spend the last 40 years building a formidable global economy. In doing so it has challenged American dominance.

It has breached what is known as the Wolfowitz Doctrine. He is a political scientist, a neoconservative and served as under-secretary of defense under George Bush ll. The Wolfowitz Doctrine specifies that no country is allowed to challenge American global supremacy. Should any country do so, the US reserves the right to wage preemptive war to stop the challenge.

So when was the last time O’Toole, or any other politician, spoke out for world peace? Rarely does this happen. The reason being politicians are cheerleaders for war. Like obedient puppets they rise to the occasion and turn into propagandists. Their collusion with the war mongers is palpable. Propaganda stinks up a room very quickly.

O’Toole’s wants to appear as the heroic savior, the prime minister in waiting; when in reality he is a self demoting pawn in a hybrid war where Canada’s role is predetermined and in full compliance.

Just hanging in the wind

O’Toole also has problems on the home front as he has inherited a party that is just hanging in the wind. He is heir to the Harper legacy which saw the CPC become a collection of wannabe Republicans and with Trump it came even more closely associated with its southern equivalent. Canadians don’t want anything to do with a Trumpesque party held in great disdain.

As a country is colonized the identity of our political parties is lost along with sovereignty. As the parties unwittingly merge they become superfluous and elections become no more than rote exercises. As the politic parties become superfluous so too does Parliament as the legislative body that is supposed to be the very essence of our democracy.

Erin O’Toole might feel redundant, as he is a participant in a political culture in foreclosure. History shows there is nothing sacrosanct in the existence of political parties. Their fortunes ebb and flow and they can become extinct. Colonization can bring about extinction of political parties as easily as it destroys democracy.

Do we really need 338 seated members, plus a senate, to pass trivial legislation when the decisions that really count are made in the PMO or are imported from outside the country? We know ministers pass bills they have not read. Massive omnibus bills are used to slip contentious legislation past parliamentary debate. We have party caucuses unwilling to hold their leadership accountable, and investigative committees are simply shutdown when scandals threaten.

Where Canada has lost its democracy to colonization; the US has lost theirs to insidious corruptions. Where democracies fail the threats of despotism and fascism thrive.

Colonization is the dumbing down of whole societies as they lose the ability to think and act on their own. Institutions become slack and values decay.

O’Toole’s strategy for beating the Liberals is to, rebrand, move to the center and steal their thunder. Similarly, the Greens are rebranding to do the same. So we have a rush to the center where our increasingly superfluous political elites stand for whatever will get them elected- so much for political integrity.

Like the Republican party in the US where the Democrats dominate: the Liberals are our default party. Like the US, Canadians vote for brand names and the Liberal brand is indelible in Canada regardless of theirs sins.

Trudeau is Harper lite

Yet another gall stone for O’Toole is that Justin Trudeau is Harper lite. Like Harper before him he is the obedient acolyte to the empire, a closet neoliberal, dismantling the country. The difference being Trudeau is more covert in his betrayal. There can be no openness and transparency for a prime minister exercising such rancid duplicity.

It is a touching irony that Liberal party advisor Brooke Jeffrey wrote her book Dismantling Canada(2015), outlining, “Stephen Harper’s New Conservative Agenda.”

Her party, by historical comparison has done as much, if not more, to dismantle Canada. It would be most interesting to have a formal debate on the issue. There would be so many Liberals and Conservatives in starring roles.

In the meantime Tweedledee and Tweedledum are alive and well in Ottawa and Erin O’Toole has a dilemma.

Political prospects: Bleak

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Where do I stand? I want to see a better, more peaceful world where humankind must, for our own survival, work together, respect each others sovereignty, and exist within the boundaries of international law that is just and applies to all.

A unipolar world dominated by one country is a recipe for disaster.

We must suppress the tyrannies that thwart human progress.

Peace and prosperity demand more lofty virtues making greater demands on us. The barbarism that now dominates is ultimately self-destructive. Moral courage and real leadership must have a new dawning.

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